• I went to try acupuncture as a skeptic

    I went to acupuncture as a skeptic, seeking out a last resort. I went because my hands were going numb all the time, and the doctor suspected it was carpal tunnel. Felicity quickly figured out that it was not carpal tunnel but muscle tightness in my neck, and after two treatments, it was gone (a problem I'd struggled with on and off for 10 years, but was worst then). In my medical intake, I mentioned other health issues (fatty liver disease, diabetes and high cholesterol), and once my numbness to my hands was resolved, we started working on these other things. She suggested dietary modifications which did wonders for my blood sugar, liver function tests, energy, and mood. That, coupled with acupuncture, and - this is what truly amazes me - my liver function is almost normal, for the first time in 15 years. Still in my head, I can't believe/understand how all this works, but numbers don't lie, and my numbers continue to improve. ~ SM


  • My needs were read well

    Felicity treated me throughout the last trimester in my pregnancy and it was a great confidence builder. I appreciate that we would sit down and discuss each treatment uniquely and with great care. She always read my needs well. Her positivity rubs off and a person cannot help but feel healthier. ~ SE


  • I felt deeply nurtured

    I had the good fortune of being treated by Felicity after I was in a car accident, I wanted to accelerate my healing and feel better in the process. The experience and results were outstanding: calming, comforting, comfortable and healing. Felicity both listened to my immediate needs while addressing the overall healing process responding to and treating both, seemingly effortlessly. I was repeatedly amazed by her understanding of the healing process, my seemingly obscure symptoms and how she quickly addressed, and got, the desired results. I felt deeply relaxed and nurtured. And, I healed deeply and well! ~ RR


  • She was my guiding light

    I sought out acupuncture to help with healing and pain from an emergency surgery for a tumor that was blocking my small intestine. At the time I met Felicity I did not know that it would turn out to be cancer and I would face more surgery. With each step of my journey I would turn to Felicity for guidance and support. Her skills as an acupuncturists and a healer are astounding. I not only healed physically but acupuncture helped me heal from within and find the strength to see my ordeal as a new beginning, fear was replaced with acceptance and acceptance opened new doors and opportunities that I am still pursuing to this day. Felicity was my guiding light, she help me find my path to recovery.~MP


  • I had chronic pain

    I had chronic pain for at least 10 years, suffering from compressed disks in my neck and bulging disks in my mid-spine. Both were confirmed by an MRI. My activities had become very limited. I began my recent healing journey at a pain clinic-and had the worst experience ever. All that they offered were pain meds which caused severe side effects. I wanted to try acupuncture and had a recommendation from a friend to see Felicity. Wow what a change in care! In Felicity I found a caring, understanding professional who was willing to listen and take the time to explain how and what she could do for me. I felt relief after the first treatment and have continued to improve. In this short space I cannot fully express my thanks and praise for Felicity’s ability to make such a positive change in my health.
    A very grateful patient, ~ MM


  • Expert treatment

    Felicity is an exceptional health professional. She practices acupuncture and Chinese medicine but with a solid understanding of traditional Western medicine. With her expert treatment, she has tamed my back spasms, which traditional Western medicine had failed to do. I highly recommend her. ~ ML


  • I became an instant convert

    I first sought Felicity's help after a bout with sciatica. I had never experienced chronic excruciating pain like that. I was desperate. I first consulted a chiropractor, I was later medicated through an M.D., and later I began seeing a physical therapist...no one could seemingly help me fix or resolve the pain.

    After months with no relief, I resolved to deal with my aversion to needles, and I sought Felicity's help. I am so glad I did. Within a matter of three visits, nearly all of my mobility had returned and I was able to work and drive without pain. I became an instant convert to acupuncture, and I am now have huge respect for the discipline.

    Felicity is a talented practitioner and a trusted ally in my health care routine. She knows how to treat pain and to facilitate deeper understanding of the holistic medical approaches. I am comforted by her hybrid knowledge of both Eastern and Western medical traditions. ~JT


  • I am now a firm believer

    Felicity completely relieved the tightness in my upper back and neck as well as an ongoing issue with my left ankle. There was immediate pain relief. I can now sleep at night without being awakened by pain. I am now a firm believer. ~JM


  • I was directed to the right people

    Felicity is a very caring provider. She is always concerned with my well-being. Her care was vital in directing me to the right people who finally diagnosed a unknown condition that I had been dealing with for a long
    time. ~ FE