• Program Development

    We offer Condition specific groups as well as Non-Opioid Pain Management Options”

    Portland Acupuncture Group provides an innovative model of treatment which can be provided at our home location or incorporated into existing western medical models and communities including hospitals, outpatient facilities, businesses, healthcare clinics, and educational institutions. Treatments in a group setting are generally provided with a condition specific focus.

    Our concept aims to provide quality complimentary care while also offering a service which is cost-effective (for both the patient and the establishment). Although acupuncture and Chinese medicine itself is thousands of years old, our practitioners follow an organized form of training called Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). We also utilize the use of auricular acupuncture, and the 5NP NADA protocol developed through the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association.  We often use this protocol for anxiety and depression, opiate dependency, and acute/chronic pain which is often seen collectively with many forms of illness.

    We create a space of healing in a group setting by emphasizing the formation of a healing community. Patients are provided care while reclining in comfortable folding chairs placed in a circular fashion, often accompanied by soothing music. Depending on the group formed and the condition treated, we will determine the frequency necessary to obtain the desired results. Often group treatments are held between 1-3 times a week. Patients are allocated a 2 hour time block to receive treatment and needles are typically retained for 30-45 minutes. Treatment plans are then individually formed based on patient needs and goals. To inquire about how an acupuncture program can be incorporated into my organization please call us at 503.406.8144 or email us at info@portland-acupuncturegroup.com. We look forward to hearing from you!

  • Private and Group Treatments

    Private Treatments and group treatments are available to meet your current needs and to provide you with customized care.  A private treatment allows you to have time with your acupuncturist in a one on one setting. Group Clinic is offered for patients with mutual healing goals who desire regular treatments at an affordable price.

    Patients can come together in support of each other’s well-being and healing. Both options provide atmospheres that are comfortable and tranquil to meet your current needs, whatever that may be. Please inquire at 503.407.8144 or email us at info@portland-acupuncturegroup.com.

  • Corporate Wellness

    It is our goal to support and promote healthy environments for both staff and patients. We would be happy to come to you, share a lunch, and answer any specific questions that you may have about what we do. Please call 503.407.8144 or email us at info@portland-acupuncturegroup.com.

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