Felicity Woebkenberg LAc, MAcOM, RN, BSN, NADA certified

I began my work as a healthcare provider in 2004 as a nurse. This started with direct clinical experience caring for those with acute pulmonary, renal, diabetic, psychiatric, respiratory, and gastrointestinal disorders, as well as end of life care on a medical unit of one of the most active hospitals in Portland Oregon.  In addition to the understanding I gained in regards to the sensitive process of chronic illness, I later branched out to learn more about the beginning roots of life by also working on a mother-baby unit and pediatrics. It was there that I witnessed the transformative process of parenthood, family dynamics, and the wisdom available to the newborn and child.

Although I enjoyed the challenge and complexity of this environment, another calling was tugging at my heartstrings.  I wanted a place where I could empower and assist others on their journey; a place that could prevent and reduce the need and the use of continual acute medical intervention. I became fascinated with prevention and how energetics and lifestyle choices could influence health.

This ultimately led me towards acupuncture and Chinese Medicine. And through my own journey and experience into therapies available beyond the external eye, I found that acupuncture not only treated the body, but also intrinsically had the ability to touch on something else which was unique. Acupuncture had the ability to calm the mind and touch on something deep within the soul which can give the impetuous needed to make a positive change.

I obtained my master’s degree in acupuncture and Chinese medicine and have made it my own personal mission to study the field of energy medicine, healing through community building, and the beauty of finding a partnership and balance in conjunction with the specialties in our modern western world. I make a point of also treating those with limited access to care, and have worked/volunteered locally as well as abroad in a remote village in Chapagoan, Nepal. I have experience with addictions, internal medicine, mental wellness, pain, chronic conditions, acute conditions, and family medicine (including children). Energy in itself is interchangeable, timeless, and malleable. We all have the choice in what we decide to do with it, and how we decide to use it in the world.

“If I create from the heart nearly everything works”- Mark Chagall